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Bowling Clubs and Golf Courses in the Hunter Valley Region

Enjoy a weekend or maybe even a week playing bowls, golf or even both if your keen.

Bowling Clubs

Abermain Bowling Club: Armidale Street. Abermain
Ph. 4930 4285
Adler Park Bowling Club: Bridges Road. New Lambton
Ph. 4952 5503
Bar Beach Bowling & Sporting Club: Kilgour Avenue. Merewether
Ph. 4929 3428
Bellbird Park Bowling Club: Bellbird Park. Cessnock
Ph. 4990 2114
Belmont Bowling Club: Singleton Street. Belmont
Ph. 4945 4724
Belmont-Macquarie Bowling Club: Maude Street. Belmont
Ph. 4945 4995
Beresfield Bowling Club: Anderson Drive. Beresfield
Ph. 4966 3361
Boolaroo Bowling Club: Eighth Street. Boolaroo
Ph. 4958 1058
Bulahdelah Bowling Club: Jackson Street. Bulahdelah
Ph. 4997 4365
Burwood Colliery Bowling Club: Burwood Road. Whitebridge
Ph. 4944 7146
Cardiff Bowling Club: Myall Road. Cardiff
Ph. 4954 7244
Carrington Bowling Club: Connelly Park. Newcastle
Ph. 4961 4140
Catherine Hill Bay Bowling Club: Flowers Drive. Catherine Hill Bay
Ph. 4976 1276
Cessnock City Soccer & Bowling Club: Aberdare Road. Cessnock
Ph. 4990 2725
Charlestown Bowling Club: Patricia Avenue. Charlestown
Ph. 4943 3766
Croatian Wickham Sports Club: Albert Street. Wickham
Ph. 49613177
Dungog Memorial Bowling Club: Brown Street. Dungog
Ph. 4992 1635
East Cessnock Bowling Club: Neath Street. Cessnock
Ph. 49901444
East Gresford Bowling Club: Park Street. East Gresford
Ph. 4938 9411
East Maitland Bowling Club: Bank Street. East Maitland
Ph. 4933 7533
Edgeworth Bowling Club: Park Street. Edgeworth
Ph. 4958 1994
Gresford Bowling Club: Park Street. East Gresford
Ph. 4938 9368
Gwandalan Bowling Club: Gamban Road. Gwandalan
Ph. 4976 2522
Hamilton Bowling Club: Gregson Park. Hamilton
Ph. 4961 2729
Hamilton North Bowling Club: Boreas Road. Broadmeadow
Ph. 4961 4574
Heaton Birmingham Gardens Bowling Club: Mordue Parade. Jesmond
Ph. 4955 8725
Hexham Bowling Club: Maitland Road. Hexham
Ph. 4964 8079
Kahibar Bowling Club: Kahibar Road. Kahibar
Ph. 4943 2987
Kotara Bowling Club: Howell Street. Kotara
Ph. 4957 3385
Kurri-Kurri Bowling Club: Tarro Street. Kurri
Ph. 4937 1676
Lambton Bowling Club: Karoola Road. Lambton
Ph. 4957 3272
Lambton-New Lambton RSL Club: Lambton Road. New Lambton
Ph. 4957 2931
Lambton Park Womens Bowling Club: Howe Street. Lambton
Ph. 4957 3877
Lemon Tree Passage Bowling Club: Gould Drive. Lemon Tree Passage
Ph. 4982 4800
Lorn Park Bowling Club: Melrose Street. Lorn
Ph. 4933 6869
Lowlands Bowling Club: Dawson Street. Cooks Hill
Ph. 494929 3046
Maitland City Bowling Club: Melbee Street. Rutherford
Ph. 4932 8433
Maitland Bowling & Sporting Club: Carrington Street. Maitland
Ph. 4933 1077
Maitland Park Bowling Club: Maitland Park. Maitland
Ph. 4933 6815
Marks Point Bowling Club: Findon Street. Marks Point
Ph. 4945 4441
Mayfield Bowling Club: Dangar Park. Mayfield
Ph. 4968 3202
Mayfield West Bowling Club: Norris Avenue. Mayfield West
Ph.4968 3202
Merewether Bowling Club: Caldwell Street. Merewether
Ph. 4963 1461
Morisset Hospital Bowling Club: Hospital Grounds. Morisset
Ph. 4973 2121
Morisset Country Club: Dora Street. Dora Creek
Ph. 4973 1100
Morpeth Bowling Club: Edward Street. Morpeth
Ph. 4934 2325
Morrow Park Bowling Club: off Station Street. Wickham
Ph. 4969 3217
Nelson Bay Bowling & Recreation Club: Stockton Street. Nelson Bay
Ph. 4981 1272
New Lambton Bowling Club: New Lambton Park. New Lambton
Ph. 4935 1279
Newbolds Bowling Club: Frith Street. Mayfield
Ph. 4968 1673
Newcastle City Bowling Club: Ordnance Street. Newcastle
Ph. 4929 2440
Newcastle Jockey Club Bowling Club: Darling Street. Hamilton
Ph. 4961 5922
Paxton Bowling Club: McDonald Avenue & Cliff Street. Paxton
Ph. 4998 1277
Phoenix Sports: Industrial Drive. Mayfield
Ph. 4967 4044
Rathmines Memorial Bowling Club: Stilling Street. Rathmines
Ph. 4975 1955
Raymond Terrace Bowling Club: Jacaranda Avenue. Raymond Terrace
Ph. 4987 2404
Redhead Bowling Club: Burns Street. Redhead
Ph. 4942 6022
Rosebud Sports & Recreation Club: Glebe Road. Adamstown
Ph. 4952 3955
Soldiers Point Bowling Club: Soldiers Point Road. Soldiers Point
Ph. 4982 7173
Stockton Bowling Club: Mitchell Street. Stockton
Ph. 4920 1999
Swansea Bowling Club: Charles Street. Swansea
Ph. 4971 1541
Tea Gardens Returned Services & Citizens Club: Myall Street. Tea Gardens
Ph. 4997 0533
Telarah Bowling Club: Clark Street. Telarah
Ph. 4932 8099
Teralba Bowling Club: Boolaroo Road. Teralba
Ph. 4958 1407
Tomago Bowling & Sporting Club: Tomago Road. Tomago
Ph. 4964 8007
Torpey Place Womens Bowling Club: Torpey Place. Hamilton
Ph. 4961 2861
Valentine Bowling Club: Valentine Crescent. Valentine
Ph. 4946 7232
Wallsend Bowling Club: Fogo Street. Wallsend
Ph. 4950 1222
Wangi Bowling Club: Minimurra Street. Wangi-Wangi
Ph. 4975 1177
Waratah Bowling Club: Waratah Park. Waratah
Ph. 4968 2507
Warners Bay Bowling Club: Charles Street. Warners Bay
Ph. 4948 8866
Water Board Bowling Club: Compton Street. Lambton North
Ph. 4957 2155
West Wallsend Bowling Club: Gregory Park. West Wallsend
Ph. 4953 2971
Weston Bowling Club: Elford Avenue. Weston
Ph. 4937 1175
Windale Gateshead Bowling Club: Lake Street. Windale
Ph. 49657888

Golf Clubs

Belmont Golf Club: Pacific Highway. Marks Point
Ph. 4945 4348
Beresfield Golf Course: Anderson Drive. Beresfield
Ph. 4966 4665
Branxton Golf Club: Cessnock Rd. Branxton
Ph. 4938 1421
Bulahdelah Golf Club: Pacific Highway. Bulahdelah
Ph. 4997 4327
Charlestown Golf Club: Barker Avenue. Hillsborough
Ph. 4943 7944
Cypress Lakes Golf & Country Club: Pokolbin
Ph. 1800 061 818
Dungog & District Golf Club: Hanleys Creek Road. Dungog
Ph. 4992 1394
Hawks Nest Golf Club: Sanderling Avenue. Hawks Nest
Ph. 4997 0145
Horizons Golf Club: Horizons Drive. Salamander Bay
Ph. 4982 0188
Karuah & District Golf Club: Pacific Highway. Karuah
Ph. 4997 5693
Kurri Golf Club: Clift Street. Heddon Greta
Ph. 4937 1224
Maitland Golf Club: Sinclair Street. East Maitland
Ph. 4933 7512
Merewether Golf Club: Kings Street. Adamstown
Ph. 4963 1128
Morisset Country Club: Dora Street. Dora Creek
Ph. 4973 1100
Muree Golf Club: Walker Crescent. Raymond Terrace
Ph. 4987 2142
Nelson Bay Golf Club: Dowling Street. Nelson Bay
Ph. 4981 1132
Newcastle Golf Club: Vardon Road. Fern Bay
Ph. 4928 1365
Palms Public Golf Course: Cromarty Lane & Nelson Bay Road. Bobs Farm
Ph. 4982 1670
Shortlands Waters Golf Club: Vale Street. Shortland
Ph. 4955 8169
Sugar Valley Golf Club: Boundary Street. Wallsend
Ph. 4953 2891
Tanilba Bay Golf Club: Lemon Tree Passage Road. Tanilba Bay
Ph. 4982 3215
The Hunter Valley Golf & Country Club: Allandale Road & Lovedale.
Pokolbin Ph. 4991 4777
The Oaks Golf & Country Club: Lindsay Street.
Cessnock Ph. 4990 1633
The Vintage Golf Club: McDonalds Road. Pokolbin
Ph. 4998 6789
Toronto Country Club: Main Road. Kilaben Bay
Ph. 4959 1584
Waratah Golf Club: Lakes Road. Argenton
Ph. 4958 1847
Westside Golf & Recreational Center: Mountvale Street. Rutherford
Ph. 4932 4444